Houses with life route

A quiet place

Route data

Distance: 1,5 km.

Points of interest:wall paintings with motifs reminiscent of Roman scenes. Town Hall frieze. The Roman tavern. Homage to “La Barata”. The corralón. Around the square. Agricultural work. Roman children. Roman with child. Daily life. The churro shop. The horse. The Parrete. La Vaquería. And what about a nap?

Starting point: Town hall


The Collado fairy

In Collado Mediano we have a fairy who wants to know if children and adults have paid close attention to the paintings that tell the stories of this route. The fairy is listening and asks a few questions to check.

We invite you to discover a very simple and original route that runs through the streets of the village and which children will especially enjoy.

Some façades in our town are decorated with artistic paintings on a variety of themes depicting Roman scenes and characters of the time. It is also a tribute to the people who occupied the houses, the animals that lived with them and the jobs they performed.

To make sure you don’t miss any, just follow the map.