Route of the fountains

Walks through the region of water

Route data

Distance: 15 km

Points of interest: Fuente del Caño, Pilón de la Plaza, Fuente del Queso, Fuente del Piejo, Fuentecina, Fuente de Barbarita, Fuente del Cubillo, Fuente de la Dehesa, Fuente del Ramiro, Fuente de la Dehesa de Enmedio.

Starting point: Town hall


El agua es protagonista dada la propia ubicación de Collado Mediano en la Sierra de Guadarrama, en la cuenca alta del Manzanares.

Las aguas procedentes de las zonas altas discurren por las laderas hasta formar dos ríos: el Manzanares y el Guadarrama. La abundancia de agua es una seña de identidad de la comarca, en la que se contabilizan siete ríos y doce embalses, además de innumerables manantiales y arroyos.

There are numerous fountains in the municipality. Some of them have been used for daily human consumption (such as Fuentecina), others for livestock (like the Fuente del Piejo fountain) and in some cases, for both humans and livestock.

The fountains in Collado Mediano also have some curious facts associated to them, as in the case of the Fuente de la Dehesa de Enmedio, highly prized for its special characteristics and properties. Or the Fuente de Barbarita, named after the owner of the first “hotel” (the name given to summer houses) in the municipality at the end of the 19th century. In the case of Fuentecina, in the high area, the water gushes from the spring and it was customary for women to wash their clothes here.

Since ancient times we have maintained a close relationship with water and a long tradition of building fountains. Granite fountains, centuries old, form a cultural legacy of incalculable value.

The old town is home to fountains such as the Pilón de la Plaza, the Fuente del Caño, the Fuente del Queso, the Fuente Barbarita and the Fuente de la Dehesa (next to the sports centre).

Somewhat more remote are the Fuente de la Dehesa del Medio, the Fuente del Cubillo, the Fuente del Ramiro, the Fuente del Roblelpoyo, the Fuentecina and the Fuente del Piejo.