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Everything you need to know to enjoy Collado Mediano

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Timetable: Monday to Friday from 9 a 14 h. Address: Plaza Mayor, 1 Phone: 91 859 81 05 ext. 201 y 215


Collado Mediano is a mountain municipality located 48 kilometers northwest of Madrid.  Due to its privileged location in the Sierra de Guadarrama, it seems to have been a crossroads of roads and livestock trails. This is why the Romans choose this place to build an inn before crossing the mountains or for resting after their crossing, no doubt seduced by the rich landscape and peace to be found in the place. A place that inspires calm, a place to breathe pure air and enjoy a view of the mountains that comforts the spirit.

Collado Mediano is in aprivileged natural environment, full of paths, trails, tracks and meadows to be explored in multiple routes, and is an ideal destination for hikers, cyclists, horse lovers and walkers.

Its impressive landscape offers us a panoramic view of a large part of the Sierra de Guadarrama. Its geography includes Jarahonda to the north and the Sierra del Castillo (formed by the Cerro del Castillo, the site of the natural monument  of  “La Cobañera”, numerous springs on whose banks the village sits, and the Cerro Jaralón), Monte Redondo and Cabeza Mediana to the east, apart from other smaller hills.

When we´re overcome by busy-ness and routine, when it`s time to pause and seek out the quiet place that allows us to find ourselves again, Collado Mediano is that place. We invite you to get to know it and enjoy its magnificent landscapes and the prevailing peace.

What to do in Collado Mediano?

You can start the day with a visit to the Posada Romana and its visitor centre, a unique place in our community, immersing yourself in the Roman culture that will transport you to past times. Enjoy a walk through the mountains, an unbeatable viewpoint from where you will be able to see outstanding views of both the Sierra de Guadarrama and the extensive valley around it. After a stop to rest and have a drink, continue your visit to the village in a leisurely way, wandering through its streets that still retain their small-towun flavour, of which so few remain, or follow one of our urban routes. You can enjoy the paintings that adorn numerous façades, and finally drop into the theatre to end up with a film session or the day’s event. You’ll finish the day on an emotional high.


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